Australian Shareholder’s Association Internship

As a part of my internship as a film intern at the Australian Shareholders Association, I primarily created and edited video content for their social media marketing. I contributed to multiple projects; Winvest, the 2020 Virtual Investor Conference, the Annual General Meeting and the Internship Promo.

I specialised in using Adobe and Canva software in generating content for the ASA. Media templates and stock footage, I learned to source from accounts in Envato and Pexels. In using Premiere Pro to create almost all content, I learnt how to use morgt files and editing effects to enhance the appearance of footage. Working with footage, a fun part of my role was being allowed to select accompanying music for each promo video or introduction sequence.

In attending film days, I worked with the film team of other interns in generating original footage for the ASA. As a team we all had our assigned roles as editors, directors or sound designers.