How to Arrange a Film Day for Your Business: Behind the Scenes of Our Company Film Day

Are you wanting to arrange a simple day to gather footage for your business or products? Do you not want to go over budget and pay for third party services? Planning your own film day can be exciting! But there are things to consider beforehand. 

Tips on How to Choose the Best Artworks for your Home

Choosing the best artworks for your home can be a fun experience. Can’t decide between a large abstract canvas or an original ocean artwork? A well-picked artwork that you love can enhance any space and adding complementary colours with cushions, rugs and throws within the space, will create a feeling of home. Getting to know the different spaces of your home beforehand, noticing the size of rooms, décor and wall colour, will help you easily match the perfect artwork to create a space with your personality in it.

Chakra Gemstones and Crystals used in Art and their Spiritual Meaning

Incorporating crystals and gemstones into artworks is great for adding unique and luxury touches to your interior, and fun to integrate into any space, but did you know that specific minerals and colours can enhance someone’s chakra harmony? Geode art and artworks with crystals and gemstones are amazing ways to encourage chakra healing and spiritual energy in any interior.