Universal Pharmaceuticals Marketing Executive

My role as a Marketing Executive at Universal Pharmaceuticals allowed me to get involved with a number of different roles and projects. Predominantly I was responsible for managing the company’s social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Google – as well as rebuilding and managing their websites. 

I redesigned their websites to support online sales, have mobile device accessibility, create engaging blog content and promote the variety of brands under Universal Pharmaceuticals. In total I built 8 websites for the company, three with online sales functionality which made in their first month more than 2k in sales. 

Left: Old Website Right: New Website www.wealthyhealth.com.au
Left: Old Website Right: New Website www.universalpharmaceuticals.com.au
Left: Old Website Right: New Website www.wellbeingnutrition.com.au
Left: Old Website Right: New Website www.goodlifenutrition.com.au
Left: Old Website Right: New Website www.goodlifenutrition2vnr.com.au

In the case of one website I integrated a ‘Business Portal’ for pharmacies to shop the companies products at their wholesale prices which could only be accessed through membership. Prior to this sales relied only upon directly contacting the sales team with no online ordering system. 

In regards to social media development I established a cohesive brand colour palette and font for social media branding. In my time with the company I boosted their Instagram reach by 912.1% and Facebook reach by 3087.4%. The highest organic content reach I gained was from self created Instagram reels which gained over 1k views by new accounts. I created all content through design platforms Illustrator, Photoshop and Canva. 

Another aspect of my role was video creation and editing. I put together a number of product showcases and event promotional videos for the company.